Friday, September 9, 2011

Step away from the computer!

I just warmed up my dinner and I wanted to eat and finish making this blog look nice, but instead I will not.  I get very hyper-focused and have a difficult time walking away from "solvable things"  ... "I'll be back!!"
PS I love fonts.


  1. Yes, I'll comment on my own posts. Why clutter up the blog with multiple posts that related to a previous post? Does that make sense?

    Well, maybe I shouldn't have stepped away from the computer.
    I can only find 9/11 programs on TV now. 10 years ago, I had to watch the news and videos of the towers falling over and over and over, I was obsessed; I believe I was trying to really let it sink in.
    Almost like I didn't believe it. Recently I've had a hard time doing so.
    Now-a-days, I have that same "unbelievable" feeling about my Mom's passing. It's almost been a year, and although I KNOW she died, I SAW her die, there is still this feeling of "unbelievable-ness". That is not to say I don't believe it. I can't find another word.

    I'm blabbering. I do that.

  2. Hi Anne,

    You can read more about my lungs at:

    They have been getting stronger since the treatment and I can do a lot of things now, things that I became unable to do. I can climb stairs with ease, get in and out of a bath tub, walk for much longer, muscles ache less, etc ....

    My lungs are expected to make full recovery and I can positively say that they are much better than same time last year. If you have the opportunity for plasma pheresis, best to take it.

    Stay strong,

  3. Thank you Giraffe! Off to read it now.