Thursday, September 22, 2011

My current rheumatologist

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my rheumy. I just received a letter in the mail that effective Dec 3, he is retiring!
This is GOOD for me because I wanted to find a new one anyway. Now I am free to ask him tomorrow how to get an appointment with someone in one of the top hospitals for rheumatology


  1. Reading through my own blog since I almost forgot I had it! Wanted to point out .. ironically my old rheumatologist, mentioned above, actually left to WORK at the Center for Special Surgery in NYC, #3 rheumatology (is the spelling right on that? Lots of online spell checkers flag "rheumatology" with no proper corrections) ... anyway .... yes, my old rheumy now works at the hospital I was planning on finding a NEW rheumy at!
    - Anne

  2. Reading AGAIN through my blog, trying to put a case together for disability, I wish I still had that rheumatologist. If it weren't for him my medical file wouldn't be so think with records, he was so thorough.