Friday, September 30, 2011

blood results

Many vials of blood taken. Only including abnormal results below

Eosinophils .2!!!! Is that from taking prednisone?
Creatinine 1.3 (known issue, seeing nephrologist today)
GFR - really low. Probably get another "take home 24 hour pee test".

What's really strange, SED rate is normal. That's insane. Maybe the pred again?

ANA Screen With Reflex to IFA Titre
Positive, A

CK or CPK not taken, as crazy as it sounds, since I've been re-diagnosed from PM to MCTD, my muscle enzymes have been normal but the JO1 Antibody is out of control.

ANTI-JO-1 Positive, 3.9
SCL-70 AB,EIA Positive, 1.0, A
SSA >8.0 Positive, A
SSB <1.0 Negative

LOW VITAMIN D!!! Supplementing!

ANA Titer & Pattern
Anti Nuclear AB Titre 1:40 High (it's been MUCH higher than this before)
Pattern: Nucleolar (A)

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