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A bit on my Medical Records: Aug/Sept 2000

This is really for my own sake.  As I was going through my medical records last night, it threw me off a little ... how serious is my ILD?  And no doctor has ever addressed the small vessel vasculitis with me.  As you'll see... in 2008 I was diagnosed with Sjogren's also, and a few other "goodies".  This other stuff kind of faded, a bit ... I'll have to see for sure. I was tested for lungs, heart, breathing tests, etc in 2008 or 2009.
So I'm throwing some stuff up here from my records, this page WILL change .... I want it to be more complete.

My biggest health complaints now are depression and other mental issues (confusion, etc)  -  (have had depression symptoms over half my life. Yes, being treated!) and fatigue, and if not fatigue, sleep patterns.
I'm wondering if any of this vasculitis has affected my CNS

(Note to self: see if I've ever been tested for antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA))

 08/23/2000 Chest PA/LAT "Reason: 780.6" is this a diagnosis or symptom? (FEVER)
( My note : may have been starting to check for leukemia)

 09/28/2000 2 results for pre muscle biopsy op? "Chronic interstitial Prominence"
 (My note: I just read this is ILD .. -- until 2008, nobody every tested me for the Jo-1 antibody)

05/20/2010 found on an order for blood - on every test to be ordered
710.4 Polymyositis

Results of Muscle Biopsy - various records
"C3D - a few scattered vessels have fluorescent deposits within their thin walls with C3D. These findings are consistent with a vasculitis. "
Other Muscle Biopsy report
(My note:  be specific about reports)
"Apparent 2B (IIB?) fiber atrophy and a few other scattered fibers are also small. QUESTIONABLE FIBER TYPE GROUPING "
(My note: , also
see Younger Vasculitis article )

More on Muscle Biopsy report:
"Several vessels surrounded by inf.???? cells, with some involvement of vessel walls. UNCERTAIN OF FIBRINOID NECROSIS"
"Cellular Response: Scattered interstitial cellular infiltrates, mainly of mononuclear (small lymphocytes) with plasma cells and occasional eosinophils."
"Interstitial Tissue: Slight to mild increase in endomysial collagen in zones of perifascicular atrophy - on Mason trichrome????"
 "Nerve Twigs: none".
(My note:  YAY)

(My note: fill in missing section here)

"Diagnosis: Skeletal muscle biopsy - right quad: Inflammatory myopathy - of moderate severity - with perifascicular atrophy and small vessel vasculitis."

(note: there is a  Comment under DX as follows)
"The pattern suggests dermatomyositis, with perifasicular atrophy, a change which is more apparent on the parrafin sections then on the frozen sections. This pattern frequently co-exists with small vessel vasculitis".

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